Sophia Valance

(9294) Sophia Valance

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This soft valance consists of a center section, two horns, and two side sections. All pieces sew together to create one valance before attaching to the mount board. The valance depth is 18" at the center. The horn is 12 1/2" at the shortest point. The valance sides are about 49 1/2" deep. Depth alterations are included, but all pieces must alter the same amount. The pattern will fit windows 56" to 66" or wider. It is not recommended for more narrow windows. The wide sides would close it up too much, and the center scallop section would have to be too small in scale. The center section can be 14" to 24" wide. You can alter it to be wider, or you can use more than one, with horns in between. The side section finishes 21" wide (per side) on front of the board. Choices of return sizes are included on the pattern.

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