Jackson Valance

(9282) Jackson Valance

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This simple tailored design offers an inverted pleat that can be pointed or straight. As an alternative choice it can be pulled forward for a different effect. This pleat is often made with a contrast fabric. The flat sections are cut slightly smaller at the bottom, giving the pleat an opportunity to show. Choose from a straight top or a scalloped one. Hang it form a pole with rings or tie it to decorative hardware. The valance depth is 16" to 18" and alteration instructions are included. The width for the flat sections can be 12" to 26" each for the scallop top, or as wide as you want for the straight top. The jabot hangs with a point at the bottom. The jabot is 34 1/2" deep and cannot be altered. It can be used, as is, for many valance depths.

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