Drapery Swags IV

(9260) Drapery Swags 4

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Swag I has a teardrop shape with one soft pleat. The width will adapt 10" to 22", with the depth varying 24" to 22 1/2". The tail is separate and does not offer a return. It hangs 36" and cannot be altered. Swag J hangs deep and thin. The width will vary 8" to 20" and the depth is 28 1/2" to 27". Swag K is a flat triangle with a cuff at the top, and optional ties. The width is 10" to 24", with the depth being 24 1/2" to 22 1/2". Swag L is a flat triangle. The width is 10" to 22" with the depth 23" to 21". Swag M is also enclosed with a width 10" to 18" and depth 18" to 16 1/2". Drapery swags are more effective with a heavy trim. Measurements given do not include trim.

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