Baroque Valance

(9292) Baroque Valance

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This elegant valance is quite simple to make (although it has a lot of seams). The pleats are tapered to be wide at the bottom and narrow enough at the top to be held by a simple ring or holdback. The valance has to be cut in seven separate pieces, which sew together to finish as one piece (including the jabots). This will create a center straight section with a pointed section at each side, followed by an end section and then a jabot (or an alternative simple return). If you choose, you can repeat as many center straight sections and pointed sections, as you wish. The center straight section can be 8" wide or as wide as you want. The pointed section finishes 5 1/2" wide (between pleats). The end section finishes 8" wide. As is, the valance is 21 1/2" deep with a short point of 18". The jabot is 35" deep. The depth of the valance can be altered, but all pieces have to be altered to fit each other.

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