Elki's Quick-Reference Posters

  • $35.00

Hang these in your workroom, and throw your calculator in the closet.

Inspired by Elki’s Real Workrooms tour, we've partnered up with Elki Horn to develop these quick reference wallpaper posters - Now we all can enjoy improved efficiency!

This poster set includes:

  • (1) Fraction-to-Decimal Conversion Reference Chart in Inches
    • Size: 13.5" x 49"
  • (1) Inch-Foot-Yard Estimator
    • Size: 3 Yards x 6"
  • (1) Bed Skirt Cutting Reference Chart
    • Size: 29" x 20"

Posters are printed with anti-fade latex inks on high-quality wallpaper substrate. They are shipped as one rolled print in a poster tube/box to be cut and mounted as desired.