Butterfly Swag

(9105) Butterfly Swag

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This design consists of two swag sections that must be cut as a pair. They are joined together with a shirred seam in the middle. The mount board, (patterns and instructions are also included), has a 5" arch, upward, at the center. The swag depth is about 20" at the deepest area (does not include trim). Minor adjustments can be made to the depth by pulling up or down on the middle shirr tape. The board and swag width is 48" to 54" without having to do alterations. The measurement is taken straight across the board "face". The jabot finishes 6 1/2" wide and 46" deep. You have a choice between the pleated tail or the traditional horn, to cover the swag seam. The beautiful scalloped rosette is optional. It finishes about 6" and has a tassel chair tie, knotted and hanging from its center. It is not recommended you alter any of the pattern pieces but suggestions are included to help you accommodate board widths of 45" and up to 70".

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