Poly Grid 100" x 62"

  • $120.00

Poly Grids are printed on a heavy-weight, 100% polyester artists’ canvas. Premium quality HP latex ink is used to prevent bleed and transfer. They provide a smooth, dimensionally stable, gridded work surface that is ideal for cutting fabric and fabricating roman shades. They can be used on top of a padded work surface or rolled out on any flat surface to make it easier to slide your project around.

Poly Grids can tolerate the low heat and moisture of a Teflon coated steam iron, but will shrink and melt when in contact with a hot metal iron. If you must press on the Poly Grid, we recommend using a pressing pad between the project and grid surface to prevent damage. These grids will puncture with pins and are not ideal for creating a pinnable surface. (Shop Printed Table Canvas for a pinnable table cover)

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