Eco Grid 54" x 74"

  • $75.00

Eco Grids are printed on a canvas-textured, non-woven print media composed of latex and recycled paper fibers. It's environmentally responsible construction and superior durability make it an ideal choice for workroom table cutting surfaces. They are used on top of a padded work surface or secured to any flat surface to aid in measurement and project manipulation. However, they are not recommended for direct contact with a hot metal iron. These grids will puncture with pins. (Shop Printed Table Canvas for a pinnable table cover)


Media dimensions are 54" x 74". Print dimensions are 52" x 72" incorporating a 1" grid within 10" blocks.  Need a larger size? Purchase multiple grids and connect with Jewel's Tape.  


We perform quality checks on every Eco Grid and allow a variation of up to 1/8" in total grid length. Please consider this potential for variance when purchasing your grid.