The Professional Workroom Handbook of Swags, Volumes I and II

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There are many different swag patterns and pattern systems available to workrooms today. They enable the workroom to create a wide variety of swag styles and sizes. Yet each pattern and system has its limitations. Some are expensive. Others lack flexibility.

As full-service workrooms we must be able to create swags in any requested shape size or style. Understanding the engineering of the basic swag shape allows us to draft our own swag patterns or modify other patterns or systems to exceed their limitations.

The Professional Workroom Handbook of Swags, Volume 1 is the definitive guide to understanding the engineering behind the swag pattern. The book concentrates on three most commonly used swag styles: Basic Board Mount, Cutout and Point-to-Point.

In Volume 2 of the Professional Workroom Handbook of Swags, we have built on the basic knowledge from Volume 1 to teach you how to define, pattern and fabricate three additional swag styles: Austrian, Boxed and Arched/Slanted. These three styles are not as widely used. Either we are not as familiar with the style (Austrians and Boxed swags) or we are wary of the difficulty factor (Arched/Slanted swags).


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