Headboards Solid Back Construction

(9323) Headboards Solid Back Construction

  • $35.00

The instructions in this package are for a "Solid Back Headboard". This means the 1/4" (or thicker) plywood face will also have a 1/4" thick plywood (or luan) back. Between these boards are 2" x 4" and 2" x 2" lumber which will give support. 2" blocks (or strips) of wood are used as spacers around the intricate shapes. Bendable plywood can cover the top (if desired), but it is not necessary. Pattern 9322 gives instructions for "Hollow Back Headboards". Pattern 9321 gives instructions for "Single Piece Headboards". This package gives instructions for a shirred border. Pattern 9322 gives instructions for a smooth border. This headboard pattern will fit the bed sizes listed below. Slight alterations can be done. The instructions can be used for any headboard shape. Patterns are included for the foam as well as the plywood shape. These headboards can install to the wall (with or without legs) or the legs can mount to the bed frame. Installation instructions are included.

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