Deluxe Handy Caddy

  • $45.00

The Handy Caddy provides a clear view portable solution for organizing workroom tools and supplies. Eight pockets and a large center compartment provide excellent storage space for everything from fabric marking pens, staplers, staple pullers, scissors and rulers. Its vinyl plastic construction is easy to clean. The caddy measures 14" x 8" x 5" and comes trimmed in a beautiful plum color.

 Deluxe Features:

  • Includes a matching 6" x 12" zipper project pouch.
  • Detachable shoulder strap allows for easy traveling with your caddy.
  • Velcro strip attaches to the bottom to prevent the bag from opening beyond its intended width.

Also available: Original Handy Caddy


CAUTION: If you receive your package COLD from the climate, GENTLY open the caddy for the first time. Cold temperatures can make the vinyl stiff.